President Obama comforts a woman in New Jersey whose marina was damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

As the Wall Street Journal’s Jeff Yang put it, “If enough people see it, this is the photo that singlehandedly re-elects Barack Obama.”

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While I took a little break from reading this summer, I finally jumped back in, but I have been slacking on my reviews… So now here are a bunch!! 

Hidden by Sophie Jordan


I am happy to say Hidden delivered just what I was looking for. While Vanish left me feeling skeptical about where the series was going, Hidden rescued in so many ways… Jacinda has been on a journey. A journey more than just to get away from the pride and find the truth about her father, but to become herself. I would say find herself, but I feel like that is just too cliche. Jacinda and Tamra never understood each other because of their very different paths in life. Little did they know how much their paths would change as their journey unfolded. While this book was bittersweet, it was a fantastic finale that built to an ending this series deserved.

My Rating: 4 Stars

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Iron Knight

What a maze of twists!! I guess I have been on a series ending kick or it just seems many of my series are finally coming to an end and it is too bad because it is always hard for them to over. Of course I do agree with so many that when a series is drawn out too long it loses something and is no longer as great, yet endings still suck. Anyhow… I really enjoyed this one. The hurdles Ash had to handle were treacherous but truly proved his love. It just goes to show that if you struggle and fight for what you love and never give up even if the outcome may not be that great, things could just turn out differently. I highly recommend this series, and if you ever get stuck or feel like the series has taken a turn you aren’t sure about, continue because this last book will make it all worth while! 

My Rating: 4 Stars

Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter

Whispers at Moonrise

This is one my absolute favorite series!!! It is one of the most captivating series I have ever read. Kylie is an interesting girl who seems to possess an unusual supernatural species that no one understands. While she wants it all to work out with Lucas and stay friends with Derek, it never works that easily. And because no one understands her supernatural situation, Kylie is faced with another decision, to go or stay… Kylie has finally found her place. A place she is happy and comfortable, but that isn’t enough. I am eager for Chosen at Dawn next year!! Will she finally understand it all and be able to protect all those she loves? Who will she finally choose? 

My Rating: 5 Stars (I actually thought about giving this one more than 5 stars…) 

Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini


This was such a page turner, I was finished before I even knew it and had to immediately go out and buy the second book. Helen seems like such a meek, pathetic girl when begin this book and then we meet Lucas and she becomes this angry, raged person you would never expect from Helen. Who would have expected that she was a demigod. She always had some unusual abilities that certainly make you suspicious that there is more to Helen, but Helen turns out to be so much more. And Lucas… How could you not fall head over heels?? No matter the situation he would never leave Helen. But will that be enough?? 

My Rating: 5 Stars (another amazing book)

Dreamless by Josephine Angelini


Wow! I flew the first two books in this series and had the third been out yet, I would not have stopped. This series never let me put the book down… Helen and Lucas can’t be together… or so Helen’s demigod mother says…They are cousins. maybe. That of course doesn’t rip their feelings away though.  But Helen has to save the demigods. She is the only one who can go into the underworld in her body. It is her task alone to rid the scions of the furies that plague them in order to live a free life with the other scions. It is no easy task though and Helen is dealing not just with a difficult quest but the loss of the one she loves. While Lucas may be broken too, Helen is left to suffer alone and suffer she does. It is only when Orion appears that Helen begins to find her way. But Helen can only see Orion in the underworld, because in the world of the living, the furies will be sure to pit them against one another… What a predicament. This is an intense struggle to the end.. One I HIGHLY recommend! 

My Rating: 5 Stars!!

Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

Jessica Rules the Dark Side

Jessica or Antanasia starts off as a wimpy pathetic girl married to a sexy strong vampire prince. Antansia is supposed to be strong too, but when she moved to Romania with Lucius she somehow lost that… It takes almost losing the love of her life to drag the fight back into Jessica. Jessica once confident will stop at nothing to save her husband. I do hope this is not the end of Antanasia and Lucius… but I have seen no word of more to the series. I would love to continue the series though! 

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate 

Fallen in Love

This was a great short book that supplements the Fallen Series… To understand each of the characters motivations and experiences in love explains so much about each of them. It changes your view of each character in a new way. I really enjoyed this little extra piece of the Fallen series… I am excited to jump back into the action in Rapture! 

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Pandemonium told Lena’s story after she escaped into the Wilds, from both perspectives of now after some time and then when she first escaped. This helps us understand how she came to the place she is and the situation she is in now. Lena as we know from Delirium, fell in love and was forced to run with Alex, but it didn’t end so well for Alex… Lena was left on her own to survive in the Wilds without the love she had just learned to accept. How could she go on knowing Alex died for her and her mother had been alive her whole life just beyond her reach. But Lena is strong and she shows us just that as she faces each obstacle along the way. She never once forgets about that driving love though that brought her where she is. Will she find love again? Guess you’ll just have to read and find out….

My Rating: 4 Stars

I enjoyed this book, but I must say that it wasn’t love at first page… It took me a while for it to grow and build and then I was sucked in so deep there was no turning back. That is exactly what you will get with this book too… It grows, and builds and before you know it you cannot stop turning the pages. You can feel for Lena and hope she will just see the light. And once it can build no longer, it must burst free… but that never goes smoothly… This is a great story of a world where Love is illegal… and they will rip it from you until you don’t even know what it is or why you could ever want it. But once you know Love, how you could ever go back?

My Rating: 4 Stars

 City of Lost Souls continues the amazing journey Cassandra Clare has created in this series. I originally began reading this when it was only a trilogy and found it to be one of my absolute favorite trilogies I have ever read. When I found out it was going to continue that Book Three was not the end, I was ecstatic. And it has not disappointed. City of Lost Souls shows you a side of Sebastian we have not seen before and another Jace we didn’t know, but which would you rather, the new or the old? Will Clary really be able to save Jace or will she join them? It is an unforgettable book that will as usual leave you wanting more!

My Rating: 4 Stars

Why is everybody insane? Danzhol. Holt. Judge Quall. Ivan, the engineer who switched the gravestones and the watermelons. Darby. Rood. Although, she wondered, was it insane to drink too much from time to time, or to be susceptible to nerves? Bitterblue crossed out the word ‘insane’ and replaced it with ‘strange’. Except that opened the list to everybody. Everybody is strange. In a fit of frustration, she scratched out ‘strange’ and wrote the word ‘CRACKPOTS’ in big letters. Then she added Thiel and Runnemood, Saf, Teddy, Bren, Tilda, Death and Po, just to be thorough.

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